SUEP Held a Meeting to Accelerate the Construction of Lingang New Campus

Date: 2018-03-27Hits: 419

In order to fully complete the building of new campus and the preparatory work for relocation, SUEP held a meeting to accelerate the engineering construction at Construction Command Office of Lingang Campus on the afternoon of March 23, which planed for the project closure and supportive construction accompanying relocation work. Feng Jinzhang, the vice president of SUEP and commander of the Construction Command Office, and related leaders of construction units attended the meeting.

Feng Jinzhang acknowledged the efforts and achievements of all participating units made in the construction of new campus. He expressed the hope that all participators will take full advantage of the great environmental conditions for construction: first, supporting each other by harmonized cooperation; second, ensuring that the construction complies with project schedule; third, strengthening safety awareness and eliminating safety hazards; fourth, attaching importance to data collation and filing.

The participating units all agreed the great importance of the construction work. During the last stage, they will overcome difficulties and actively cooperate with other units to complete all the tasks in July, with quantity and quality guaranteed.