A Brief Introduction to Shanghai University of Electric Power

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A Brief Introduction to Shanghai University of Electric Power


Shanghai University of Electric Power founded in 1951 is a full-time institute of higher education jointly sponsored by the Central Government and the government of Shanghai Municipal City, and managed mainly by the Shanghai municipality.Now she is one of the three universities with the discipline of electric power as the locomotive and the only one dealing in electric power in the East China.


The two campuses are located separately at Yangpu and Pudong District.Yangpu Campus, the main campus of the university, between Changyang Road and Pingling Road, lies near Yangpu Bridge in the eastern urban district of Shanghai, over lookingPudong from the other side of Huangpu River. The university has both a quiet and a peaceful environment and has convenient transport facilities. Pudong Campus, on Xuehai Road, is not far from Pudong International Airport. Lingang NewCampus beside Dishui Lake is under construction. The whole covering area of the university is nearly 1000 Chinese mu(about 667,000 m2),with more than 11,000 full-time students, as well as a certain number of postgraduate students and international students.Up till today, she has graduated more than 50,000 skilled technical workers and managing staff members.A large number of graduates are working on the mainstay posts of production, operation, and management in the electric power systems of China.


The university has established eleven second-level Colleges, namely Energy and Mechanical Engineering,Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering,Automation Engineering, Computer Science and Technology,Electronics and Information Engineering, Economics and Management,Mathematics and Physics, Foreign Languages,International Exchange, and Continuing Education, with two departments directly under the university, Physical Education and Social Science. The university also has a Technology Center for Modern Education.


There are 30 undergraduate majors, threestate-level characteristic majors,five majors authorized to recruit and educate postgraduate students independently, four Shanghai Municipal Key Disciplines and five Shanghai Municipal Education Committee Key Disciplines, one Top Discipline in Shanghaicolleges and universities.


The university has one National University Science andTechnology Park, one National Technology Transfer Center. There are over 50 elementary and professional laboratories, 12 research offices, nine key laboratories of provincial level andfive Pilot Projects of Ministry of Education’s EECP (Excellent Engineers’ Cultivation Plan). Among them is the ministerial key laboratory of Corrosion and Protection of Thermal Power Equipment from the State Power Corporation of China.The major, power plant of thermal energy power and environment engineering, has been rated as the key cultivation of subjects for the Shanghai Educational Committee.


The library of the university possesses a collection of more than one million volume of books.There are more than 1,000 staff members in the Shanghai University of Electric Power. Among them, there are more than 100 full professors and 300 associate professors. In addition, the university has invited scores of well-known scholars and experts with domestic and international fame as the honorary visitors or part-time professors.


International Exchange

Shanghai University of Electric Power has established a close relationship with international exchange and cooperation with universities in UK, Australia, France, America, Canada, Germany, Russia, Japan, Vietnam, Indian, Malaysia, Mongolia, Korea and some other countries. Every year, the university invites both short and long term language and scientific foreign experts to teach or to do research work on the campus. Some foreign experts have been engaged as our honorary professors. Students from Zimbabwe, Mongolia, Vietnam, Laos, France, Russia and other countries are enrolled into the university to study for their bachelor degree or to do field practice. At the same time, many professors and other faculty members are sent abroad for academic visits or international conferences. The university has established joined educational programs with University of Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus in Germany, University of Strathclyde in U.K. and Edith Cowan University in Australia to cultivate students into specialists with both Chinese and international qualifications for the development of the national power industry. Every year we have students from Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Mongolia, Laos,Australia, Russia for Chinese language course or for bachelor or master degree studies.


The university has various and colorful recreational activities, such as classic art in campus, annual ten top singerscompetition on campus,ten campus host contest,evening party to welcome newcomers and so on. The university often organizes students as volunteers in social services, e.g. volunteers in 2010 World Exhibition, Beijing Olympic Games, community science shop, western field in China, some schools. There are many student societies and clubs, e.g. Chinese Orchestra, Roller Skating Club, Animation Club, Music Club, Drama Club, Badminton Club. Thank you.


院系设置及专业分布Colleges and Majors




College of Energy   and Mechanical Engineering

能源与动力工程Energy and power engineering

机械设计制造及其自动化Mechanical   engineering and automation

机械电子工程Mechatronic   engineering


College of Environmental and Chemical   Engineering

环境工程Environmental   Engineering

材料化学Materials   chemistry

材料科学与工程Materials   science and engineering

化学工程与工艺Chemical   engineering and technology

应用化学Applied   Chemistry


College of Electrical Engineering

电气工程及其自动化Electrical   engineering and automation


College of   Automation Engineering


测控技术与仪器Measurement   and control technology and instrument


College of Computer   Science and Technology

计算机科学与技术Computer   science and technology

软件工程Software   engineering

信息安全Information   security

网络工程 Network engineering


College of   Electronics and Information Engineering

通信工程Communication   engineering

电子信息工程Electronic   information engineering

光电信息科学与工程Photoelectric   information engineering

电子科学与技术Electronic   Science and technology


College of Economics and Management

工程管理Engineering   management

物流管理Logistics   management

工商管理Industrial   and commercial management

国际经济与贸易International   economy and trade


信息管理与信息系统 Information management and   information system

公共事业管理 public   utilities Management


College of Foreign   Languages




College of   Mathematics and Physics

信息与计算科学Information   and computing science

应用物理学Applied   Physics


College of International Exchange

电气工程及其自动化(中外)Electrical engineering and automationsino-foreign



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