Postgraduate Programs

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Known for its teaching quality, research excellence, extraordinary faculty, outstanding facilities, attractive location and talented students, the Graduate School of SUEP offers 17 postgraduate programs and has a total number of 1000 postgraduate students. The teaching language of all the programs is Chinese. The programs begin in September of each academic year and last for 2.5 academic years. The first year is focused on coursework and the rest 1.5 years is for researching and thesis. Here is the list of the 17 programs

ØEngineering Thermo Physics

ØThermal Power Engineering

ØPower Machinery and its Engineering

ØChemical Technology

ØApplied Chemistry

ØMaterial and Chemistry Engineering

ØEnvironment and Chemistry Engineering

ØElectrical System and its Automation

ØPower Electronics and Power Transmission

ØHigh Voltage and Insulation Technology

ØMotor and Electric Apparatus

ØElectrical System Detection and Control

ØTheory and new technology of Electrical Engineering

ØSmart Grid Information and Communication Engineering

ØEconomy and Management of Electrical Engineering

ØScience and Engineering of Renewable Energy

ØElectrical Information and Technology

Tuition Fee---

CNY20,000 per academic year (Studying Materials are not included)


Who to Apply---

1.Overseas students who have successfully graduated from university and obtained the related bachelor degree;

2.and who have already passed HSK 4;


When to Apply---

The deadline of the application is the end of August of each academic year; however if you wish to apply for the scholarship, you need to apply for the place before the end of June.


How to Apply---

1.Fill in the application form

2.Send the scanned copy of your application form, your bachelor degree and the transcripts of your undergraduate study; your HSK4 Certificate; and a recommendation letter from the professor or assoc. professor outlining your academic background and performance to SUEP by an email.

3.You will be contacted within 2 week upon the receipt of the above documents and advised of the following steps to take for a successful application.


Thermal engineering

This thermalengineering discipline is one of the key majorsin Shanghai City(Shanghai Municipal Education Commission key subjects). After many years of development this majorhas developed a distinctgood scientific research and development trend. There are 8 professors, 7 associate professors, 10 professors with doctoral degree in this field. Many tutors have the experience of guiding the graduate students during their studies. We have sufficient teaching and scientific research equipment which is suitable for use in the researchbased study.

The scientific research level is high in this major, with abundant research achievements currently being used in a number of national projects including China’s973 Project ,863 Project , National Natural Science Foundation and these projects are governedthe Ministry of education and quite anumber of papers were published and was awarded a number of national invention patent at the provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress award.

In recent years, this discipline has also focused its’ research onthe fuel combustion theoryand efficient use of technology, power plantgas pollution control, renewable energy use technology and large-scale thermal power unit energy-saving technology made a series of achievements, and has a good application invarious enterprises.

Material chemistry and Engineering

Chemical raw materials, laboratory for corrosion and protection of thermal power equipment with the State electricity company (ministries), control and application of electrochemical corrosion Shanghai key laboratory of colleges and universities, as well as energy saving and heat-exchange system in Shanghai, Shanghai Electric, corrosion-resistant new materials and environmental protection in Shanghai four-power engineering technology research center in Shanghai. Our college has 2 professors, 8associate professors, and 11 teachers with doctoral degrees, awarded by the Shanghai Oriental scholarship, Shanghai shuguang scholarship, Pujiang, Shanghai Youth Science and technology scholarships. Our college has high level teachers. In the past five years, our school department for material chemistry has been taking part in various projects including the China National Natural Science Foundation project, Ministry of education and Shanghai municipal science and Technology Commission and other technology projects over more than 40 research projects worth 15 million yuan. Some research projects reached the international advanced level, and has achieved remarkable impression globally for example the electrochemistry and catalysis for energy research project has influence at home and abroad and it received the Shanghai Science and technology progress second and third awards.

Our Material chemistry engineering major involves the national energy development strategy, with morefocus on renewable energy applications. Our students will be involved in research based projects in energy conversion technology, environmental protection, material protection, solar decomposition water business hydrogen production, fuel battery principles, in this process we also teach students about application of material chemistry in pollution control. Our major will also cover the chemistry behind some electronic materials like semiconductor devices etc. It will also promote innovation in renewable energy technology development and application.

Power system and automation

Electric power system and Its Automation major is one of the key majors in Shanghai City. There is a strong teaching and scientific research team, 12 professors, 28 associate professor. This subject focuses on modern power systems, covering all areas of electrical engineering, in power system planning, power system security and stability, power system optimal operation, relay protection and control, electrical equipment condition monitoring and diagnosis, new energy and smart grid field strengths and characteristics.

Our university produces talents annually who will work inthe electric power industry, and our university has a close relationship and cooperation with local power companies. Our graduates and students are involved in major research projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 863 projects, provincial and ministerial level research projects, electric power companies, power generation group, industrial enterprises and so on.

Our college has a modern urban power grid simulation center”, new energy and smart grid experimental center discipline platform, including power system dynamic simulation laboratory, relay protection laboratory, comprehensive automation laboratory, wind power generation technology laboratory, the software and hardware facilities to the latest development of the industrial community and academia both at home and abroad, the scientific research condition is good.

Engineering Management

Project management professional degree is a full integration of our school management and power systems and other advantages of subjectsespecially based on these three:smart grid project management, the project of new energy management, the safety management of electric power project .China’s industries arein need of high level, applied project management professionals.

This major has several distinctive features and a certain degree of professional teaching team and mentor team. The existing full-time graduate students tutors consists of 25 people, including 18 professors, 7 associate professors. And from the well-known domestic and foreign energy companies our university hired 25peoplewith rich practical experience of senior engineering and management positions , including 5 professor level senior engineer, senior engineer / senior economist 20. Our university is highly involved in scientific research related to engineering management. Over the past five years there has been more than 30 research projects, including longitudinal National Natural Science Fund, National Social Science Fund, Ministry of Education and the Shanghai Social Science Fund, the Shanghai Natural Science Foundation of China, the levels of power companies, power groups and government relevant research projects commissioned by other companies, with more than 150 million in research funding annually. Professional requirements of different positions, in order to improve the implementation of career-oriented capabilities, highlight the practical ability to adapt to the course and practice of professional competence by school mentors and corporate culture of personalized training and development plan binding properties of each object. Our college has a new energy economy simulation laboratory, electricity business management simulation, smart grid simulation equipment, power economics and management laboratory, research and development of electric power to run the simulation virtual laboratory and other equipment. Graduates can work in various companies including China’s National Energy Board that monitors the East China Bureau, Shanghai Electric Power Company, Guizhou Electric Power Company, China Architecture Design Institute i limited, Shanghai Construction Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd., Shanghai Electric Power Design Institute, Shanghai Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd., company, etc.