Visitors from USTC Intelligence and Shanghai Electric Power Industry Association Came to Our University for Further Communication

Date: 2022-09-07Hits: 10

On September 6th, Wang Tingting, CEO of HKUST Intelligence and President of Power Grid Business Group, and Yuan Xia, secretary-general of Shanghai Electric Industry Association, paid a visit of Lingang Campus of our university. Li Hexing, president and deputy secretary of the University Party Committee, and Huang Dongmei, vice president, attended the meeting to express their opinions.

Li Hexing extended a warm welcome as chairman of the meeting to the visitors from HKUST Intelligence and Shanghai Electric Power Industry Association. He elaborated the achievements our university has achieved in its development in recent years from the perspectives of talent training, academic studies, disciplinary construction and cooperation between production, education and research. He claimed that by taking into consideration the demands of enterprises and corporations and the talent training goals, we will build up teams to strengthen the cooperation between the university and enterprises, permit the talents and professionals to commute between the university and enterprises, and take active actions to pave a way to the integration of production and education.

Zhong Junwei, vice president of USTC Intelligence and of the New Energy Resources business group, made a brief introduction of the development of their enterprise, strategic plans, core products in developing digital energy and digital industry, and enterprise culture.

Before they reached an agreement the parties involved expressed their opinions over various topics, which cover the strategic cooperation protocol, the cooperation plan of Lingang Demonstration Park and the implementation initiative of industry-university-research and utilization, university employment in 2023, both the undergraduate class and the graduate workshop named after HKUST intelligent, the institute of digital energy and other concerned matters.

Huang Dongmei argued that we have been attaching great importance to the cooperation between our university and the enterprises. She hoped that through this discussion with HKUST Intelligence and Shanghai Electric Power Industry Association, we will find the driving force of the cooperation between all the concerned parties, make a better use of our own advantages, join efforts to cultivate innovative talents to adapt to the development of the industry, establish an innovative mechanism for common development and the integration of production and education, introduce a new model of collaboration in the domain of education for the university and enterprises, and achieve a win-win goal in the cooperation between the university and enterprises.

Wang Tingting said that Shanghai Electric Power University, as a university with distinctive characteristics in the domains of energy and power, has trained a large number of talents for the industry of electric power in recent years, and the demand of HKUST for talents is highly compatible with the university’s mode of the talent training; it is expected that both parties will launch a strategic cooperation as soon as possible, and joined efforts to contribute to the high-quality development of the industry of electric power based on the goals for carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. 

Among the attendees there are concerned staffs in charge from the President's Office, Division of Academic Studies, Division of Teaching Affairs, Division of Students' Affairs, the Graduate School, Office of New Campus Construction, College of Economics and Management and College of Computer Science.With the company of the university’s administration and some concerned directors the visitors from HKUST Intelligence and Shanghai Electric Power Industry Association toured the Innovation Center for Energy Science before the meeting.


Contributor: Office of the University’s President, Department of Publicity Affiliated to the University Party Committee