President Li Paid a Visit of Shanghai Regeon Electric

Date: 2022-09-09Hits: 10

On the afternoon of September 8th Li Hexing, president and deputy secretary of the Party committee of SUEP, led a delegation to visit Shanghai Regeon Electric Co., Ltd. Xu Ying, president of Regeon Electric and alumnus of our university, Cui Jianhua, director and general manager, Sun Minjie, vice President and all the directors of the concerned departments attended the meeting.  

Xu Ying extended warm welcome and gratitude to Li Hexing and his retinas for the trust and support of her alma mater to Regeon Electric. Respectively she made a brief introduction of the history of the enterprise, the company's operating conditions, talent training, scientific innovation and plans for future development. Meanwhile she elaborated how their enterprise built up the professional echelon in the domains of electrical science and technology, how they conducted the scientific research and how they achieved the fruitful achievements in scientific and technological innovation with an introduction of what types of scientific and technical talents are badly needed by enterprises and how they are allowed to give full display of their abilities. She stressed that her enterprise will strengthen the ties with her alma mater in the future and volunteer to show concern about and give full support to the educational development of her alma mater. She looked forward to strengthening exchanges and cooperation between both parties. She expected that in the future a long-term and favorable cooperative relationship will be established in scientific research, talent training, conversion of scientific and technological achievements, enterprise staff training, student internship and employment so that a balanced development will be gained in production, education and research. 

Li Hexing sang high praise of Regeon Electric for their expanding business and their strong sense of social responsibility with sincere greetings and deep concern to Xu Ying, saying that she is welcome back to her alma mater anytime. He made an introduction of the development of our university and the achievements we achieved in the featured disciplines, talent training, faculty construction and scientific research etc. He said that as a privately-funded enterprise, Regeon Electric, has great strength in R & D. The designation of the featured disciplines of our university is quite compatible with Regeon Electric for its seeking development both in nuclear energy and smart energy, which is to provide the both parties with a lot of cooperative opportunities. He hoped that both parties will take this opportunity to integrate their favorable resources based on their own demands for development, strive to balance the supply and demand, strengthen cooperation in production and education so that both will be benefited from it.   

Yuan Xia, secretary general of Shanghai Electric Power Engineering Association and Science and Technology Association, and directors of the Office of University President and the Division of External Liaison are also among the visitors.



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