Our University Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with CLP Yongxin Operation Co., Ltd.

Date: 2022-09-18Hits: 13

On September 15, Wei Xifeng, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of CLP Huayuan (U china Power Maintenance) Company, and Dong Li, deputy general manager of CLP Yongxin Operation Co., Ltd., paid a visit of Yangpu Campus of our university with an entourage. Li Hexing, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president of SUEP, attended the meeting.

Li Hexing first extended a warm welcome to the visitors and made an introduction of the development of the university in recent years respectively in education and teaching, scientific research, talent training, international cooperation and the Belt and Road cooperation in production, education and research.He said that wherever there is state grid in China, our university is ready to train talents for the concerned enterprises and offer service to them. We adhere to moralityeducation, seeking development with good service, taking the demands of enterprises into first consideration, and focusing on training students' abilities in their specialties and helping them improve aptitude in their careers.We will further integrate industry and education and take good advantage of the mutually complementary resources so as to keep pace with the developmental demands of the industry and production and cultivate high-quality, practical and technical talents for the enterprises and local economy.

Wei said that after having graduated from university for many years, he felt that everything seemed so familiar when he stepped into the campus again to communicate with the president. He made an introduction of the basic situation of the development of his enterprise, strategic plans, and corporate culture and so on, hoping that both parties would display their own advantages and strengthen mutual cooperation to seek common development.

Dong Li, deputy general manager of CEC Yongxin Operation Co., Ltd., made a briefing about their company and the cooperation with our university in talent training. He said that the first batch of trainees trained by Shanghai University of Electric Power have become not only the pillars in their company, but also in many enterprises dealing in electric power in Vietnam. He looked forward to further and in-depth cooperation with us.

Finally Li and Dong signed a university-enterprise strategic cooperation agreement. Both parties agreed to build up a SUEP Overseas Training and Internship Base in Yongxin, Vietnam, which will provide our students with opportunities of internship, employment and professional training there and our teaching staffs with the opportunities of social practices so that the mutual cooperation will be strengthened in scientific research.

The concerned directors of the Division of International Communication and the College of Continuing Education also attended the meeting.



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