Four of Our University Entered into the List of the Best Disciplines of the Year 2022 in China

Date: 2022-09-26Hits: 10

On September 20th, Shanghai Ranking, a professional evaluation institution of higher education, officially released the list of the Best Disciplines of the Year 2022 in China. Four disciplines of our university including electrical engineering, chemical engineering and technology, dynamic engineering and thermos-physics engineering, control science and engineering are found on the list. Among them, the discipline of electrical engineering ranks 41 in the top 40%; the discipline of engineering and technology 81 in the top 50%; the discipline of dynamic engineering and thermos-physics engineering 45 in the top 50% while the discipline of control science and engineering ranks 95 in the top 50%.

The list covers 96 first-level disciplines, targeting all the colleges and universities authorized to confer academic postgraduate degree concerning the relevant first-level disciplines. The released results are all about the top 50 universities of each discipline, with 484 universities in total and 5,035 disciplines involved. The indexes adopted by Shanghai Ranking to evaluate the best disciplines in China include five indicator categories: talent training, scientific research projects, awards for scientific achievements, academic theses published, and the number of academic talents with 17 indicators and more than 50 variables to assess their discipline competitiveness. The data for the ranking list are all from the sources of third parties, including the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and domestic and international literature databases.


                   Contributor: Division of Development and Planning