The University Administration Visited the Municipality Youth League Committee

Date: 2022-08-27Hits: 10

    On the morning of August 25th, Weng Peifen, deputy secretary of the University Party Committee, led a team to visit the Municipality Youth League to learn the essence of President Xi Jinping’s thought on the Youth’s Work and master thoroughly the new ideas, new arguments and new requirements embodied in the his works On the CPC’s Youth Work. They were warmly received by Xu Hao, deputy secretary of the Municipality Youth League Committee (hereafter MYLC), and Ren Fan, director of the Department of School Affairs of MYLC, at their meeting room. Ma Guoxiang, chairperson of our Youth League and deputy director of the Division of Students’ Affairs, was also in presence.

 Ren Fan first expressed his warm welcome to the administration of our university. He thought highly of the preparatory work of our Youth League. In combination with the major work of the Work Department of the Municipality Youth League Committee, he presented some advice and suggestions on the reform and development of our Youth League in light of the characteristics of the industry, and the efforts to promote district-based cooperation to build up a new platform of education in light of the national strategy designated for Lin’gang New Area, and strengthen the construction of new media and so on. In review of his working experience in the Municipality Youth League Committee many years ago, Ma Guoxiang expressed thanks to it for its all-sided support and assistance to us during the Covid-19 Pandemic. He presented a report on the recent work of our Youth League and our vision, which consists of the following parts like the Soul-casting Action, Contribution-making Action, Foundation-consolidating Action and so on.

 In his summary speech, on behalf of the Party Committee of SUEP Weng Peifen expressed his gratitude to the Municipality Youth League Committee for its trust and support. He made a brief introduction of the history, development and strategic planning of our university and stressed that without the concern, guidance and help of the Municipality Youth League the reform and development of our university would have been impossible. He put forward relevant suggestions to strengthen mutual cooperation and in-depth coordination. First, both parties must strengthen ties and lay a solid foundation. The Youth League of our university should take the initiative to keep in touch with Municipality Youth League and fulfill the tasks for reform and development assigned to us. Second, we must amplify our advantages and highlight our unique characteristics. The new media studio of our university is one of the six homogeneous workshops in Shanghai, and there is still much space for improvements.Third, we must focus on the reform and play the role as a bellwether to deepen the reform of the Youth League with a comprehensive and rigid supervision at the grassroots level. The Youth League of our university should integrate various resources and build up a platform to further ideological education among the youth. In his concluding speech, Xu Hao recalled how he had been deeply touched when he first met in a new position with the administration of Shanghai University of Electric Power. He argued that this meant that our Party Committee has been attaching great importance to the Youth Work. The Party Committee of our university has been keeping pace with the Municipality Youth League Committee in morality education. He pointed out that under the iron-handed leadership of the Party Committee of SUEP and with the meticulous guidance of the Municipality Youth League Committee, the Youth League of SUEP is full of vigor and vitality. He put forward some relevant requirements to the Youth League of SUEP for improvements of their work. First we must locate the correct direction. Strenuous struggle is always the main theme of young people. By taking the unique, advantageous and professional examples in the electric power industry in the difficult time and hardships young people went through in different historical periods, we can kindle the passion of contemporary youth to pursue their dreams. Second, we must highlight the characteristics of the industry. The development of electric power industry is an integral part of the education of the Party's history, and the development of modern China's electric power industry has paved the way for the formation of electric power curriculum system. Third, we must ensure the effectiveness of reform, and focus on the general work pattern of the Youth League. In considering the characteristics of the young people, we must locate the actual needs of the new youth in the new era and adopt various means to expand communication, enrich the educational methods, and effectively enhance the Youth League’s leadership, organizational skills, capacity of service, and perspective of the overall situation.

 The leaders also exchanged their views on the performance of Shen Yuefei, a candidate running for President of the Municipality Students Federation and student from the College of Electrical Engineering.



Contributor: the Youth League of SUEP