Zhang Chuan Led a Delegation to Visit Laodong Daily for an Investigation

Date: 2022-08-30Hits: 10

On the afternoon of August 30th, Zhang Chuan, chief accountant of the university, led a team to visit the office of the local newspaper Laodong (means “labor”) Daily for an investigation. Wang Houfu, secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai Trade Union Management Vocational College and chief-editor of the newspaper, and Cui Xiaojun, secretary of the Party Committee of the Newspaper, attended the meeting.

Cui Xiaojun made a brief introduction of the newspaper and the reform and transformation of mass media in recent years. All present at the meeting lent their ears to the construction of the central kitchen of the newspaper and its operation.

Zhang Chuan gave a short introduction of SUEP and expressed her gratitude to the newspaper for its publicizing the development and construction of our university. She hoped that both parties will strengthen cooperation in promoting the spirit of model workers on the campus, propelling the construction of industrial workers, and consolidating the Party building with industrial construction.

Wang extended a warm welcome to the administration of SUEP and congratulated us on the remarkable achievements achieved by the Labor Union of our university in the past few years, hoping that the both parties will continue to conduct in-depth exchanges and further cooperation in all aspects in the future.

Among Zhang’s company there are directors of the Department of Publicity, the Labor Union, the Division of External Liaison and the College of Marxism Studies. In the investigation they conducted in-depth communication in combination with their relevant factual work. After the meeting they toured the culture corridor of the newspaper.



                       Contributor: Division of External Liaison